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CNC Tube Bending

From simple pipes and safety rails through to highly complex formations for engine components, our CNC tube bending capability can meet the most demanding quality requirements across the largest volume orders.

CNC Tube BendingUtilising an Addison McKee Powerbend machine to deliver high precision computer controlled tube bending across simple and complex, shaped tubes, we provide a comprehensive service to outstanding quality standards.

A range of standard dies are utilised to create elbow and u-bends from stock pipes, whilst custom cut dies made to bespoke specifications can create helical, coiled and other 2D and 3D shapes.

Expert design for manufacture services along with highly trained staff are essential in tube bending to mistake-proof and properly assess the ideal materials and machining techniques to avoid weakening pipes.

FMEA error checking through dedicated planning and inspection departments, combined with standard operating procedures such as the use of mandrels and tensioning wipers to prevent collapse or creasing enable us to maintain consistent quality and minimal wastage all within and ISO 9001 accredited quality environment.

Comprehensive CNC machining and welding of sheet metal to the highest standards have been the hallmark of our service for 60 years. To experience our market leading services and see how we can bring the best out of your metal fabricated products contact us today.