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CNC Turning

Using the latest CNC turning equipment and some of the most experienced operators in the industry we deliver outstanding results on facing, parting, grooving and drilling projects.

CNC TurningCNC turning machines are the modern equivalent of the lathe, with considerable refinement through computer control to offer consistent precision replication of CAD designs in a fraction of the time and to  ISO 9001 assured, quality standards.

Our CNC turning equipment includes Doosan and Colchester machines with both magazine and hydraulic bar feeds which can provide straight turning, taper turning, facing, profiling, parting, trepanning, external grooving and boring for straight, conical, curved and grooved components.

From product design through fabrication, assembly and delivery; at Mason & King we guarantee comprehensive service to industry leading standards based on a 60 year history in the business. From gaming machines to heavy plant machinery, get the most from your sheet metal fabrications and assemblies by contacting us today.