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matal fabrication

Cambridge's Specialists in Tig Welding

We have a solid track record of delivering high quality tig welding solutions to customers in Cambridge and the South East. Our expertise is renowned in the area and we pride ourselves on our first-class services.

Our team of skilled mig and tig welders, assessed annually, are fully qualified for a variety of services including punching, turning, machining, bending and CNC laser cutting. We provide an extensive welding service that covers everything you need.

Our expert welders have the ability to carry out manual and robotic spot welding, as well as projection nut welding.

MIG & TIG Welding

Our robotic welding service is suitable for both high and medium volume production runs, affording part consistency and removing variations in the welding process. All our specialist robotic welding fixtures are created in-house and maintained within the bounds of poke yoke principles; established operating guidelines to make sure repeatability is achieved.

We are experts in welding, specialising in Cambridge and the South East. We have 14 FANUC robot Mig welding cells that produce superior quality with maximum efficiency and dependability. The set up time is reduced while we maintain consistent high speed.

The 1 FANUC robotic spot welding cell rounds out the line-up. It provides reliable results with its automotive-style spot welding assembly, offering precise repeatability and a decent throughput for medium or high volume jobs.

Our warehouse machines
Welder at work
Mig Welder

We are dedicated to offering Cambridge customers superior quality and dependable mig and tig welding services.

Mason & King has been providing MIG and TIG welding services for sixty years. We are renowned for our commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting the needs of every customer. To discuss your project, get in touch with us now.