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matal fabrication

Coventry's CNC Laser Cutting Specialists

Our specialist CNC laser cutting systems are seamlessly linked with top-notch CAD software, enabling us to precisely cut and punch sheet metal for our clients throughout Coventry and the Midlands in an efficient manner.

Being at the forefront of metal fabrication in Coventry, we make use of a diverse range of equipment such as multi-tooled rotation punch press machinery along with laser presses and Trumpf flat bed lasers. Our aim is to ensure that our clients receive CNC laser cutting or punching projects within their budget whilst maintaining accuracy and timely delivery without any need for revisions.

By utilising the full CAD files provided by our expert programming team, we integrate multiple money-saving designs, such as nested cutting plans that minimise waste and measures to prevent errors during manufacturing. Additionally, we regularly develop custom tools tailored to meet specific needs for a truly unique and personalised approach.

CNC Laser Cutting Coventry

Based out of our machine shop and workshop in Leicester, we provide clients from across the whole of the UK, including Coventry, with the highest quality CNC punching and laser cutting solutions. 

So contact us today to discuss your CNC laser cutting requirements with one of our experienced and knowledgeable team.