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matal fabrication

Huddersfield's CNC Turning Specialists

Working across Yorkshire, including Huddersfield, we take advantage of the highest quality CNC turning equipment and machines to provide our clients with a wide range of trusted and specialist turning solutions.  

Our well-equipped machine workshop includes Colchester and Doosan machines with both magazine and hydraulic bar feeds and CNC turning equipment to enable us to provide parting, facing, profiling, taper turning, straight turning, boring and external grooving for curved, grooved, conical and straight components.  

In addition, we also have manual and automated bar saws and banks of drills for countersink, tapping and holes etc.  

Turning Machine
CNC Turning

Based out of our workshop and machine shop in Leicester, we provide clients from across Yorkshire, including Huddersfield, with the very best and most trusted CNC turning solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team.