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matal fabrication

Accurate and Efficient CNC Laser Cutting For Middlesbrough Clients

We make use of the finest CAD software and world-class CNC laser cutting systems to give Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire customers the most outstanding CNC laser cutting solutions.

We offer a comprehensive service, with our high quality CAD software and first class CNC laser cutting systems providing accurate and efficient sheet metal punching for clients in Scotland and Aberdeen.

As one of Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire's leading metal fabrication experts, with a range of multi-tooled rotation punch press machinery, laser presses, alongside Trumpf flat bed lasers; we guarantee our Aberdeen clients a competitive price and accurate first time delivery on any CNC laser punching or cutting project.

Flexible and adaptable CNC laser cutting

Engaging with our knowledgeable programming personnel, we merge various money saving designs for an advantaged production, incorporating waste cutting nested cutting and mistake-proof schemes. Moreover, should it be needed we can create the tools for a specifically tailored and one-off ability.

CNC Laser Cutting & Punching

Specialist CNC laser cutting provided across Middlesbrough

Based out of our ideally located workshop and machine shop in Leicester, we are close to major road and rail networks, meaning we're able to provide clients from across the whole of the UK, including Middlesbrough, with the very best CNC laser cutting and punching solutions. 

So contact us today to discuss your CNC laser cutting requirements with one of our experienced and knowledgeable team.