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matal fabrication

Unrivalled product quality for 60 years!


A dedicated team of inspectors control parts from goods inwards, in process through to final inspection.

ISO 9001:2015 Approved

ISO 9001:2015 guarantees products and services consistently meet customer requirements through documented procedures with traceable records.

Initial Part Inspection

New parts are inspected to meet customer drawings with PPAP reporting available upon request. All new parts are dimensionally checked with our Faro Arm(s) to ensure parts conform to customer drawings.


Mistake proofing design and operation procedures

Parts are designed and manufactured to reduce the opportunity for incorrect part manufacture via poke yoke style devices, in house welding fixture manufacture and various checking gauges working alongside standard operating procedures.

Part traceability system

From material receipt to product dispatch our Manufacturing Resource Planning System (MRPII) ensures every part can be traced throughout production back to receipt of raw material.

Continual Inspection

Quality stations are built into the process to ensure parts are regularly checked for dimensional accuracy and appearance prior to shipping.

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