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matal fabrication

Sheffield's Leading CNC Bending Specialists

Available for clients across Yorkshire, including Sheffield, our CNC bending service offers large scale capability and high volume and considerable flexibility across an extensive range of different machines.  

As one of Sheffield's leading steel and metal fabrication specialists, we operate an extensive range of CNC bending equipment, including Mebusa, Trumpf, Pronecam and Amada machines, with the capability to provide in-process angle measurement and bend control alongside our designed-in FMEA error checking and mistake proofing.

Flexible and adaptable CNC bending solutions

Ideal for creating varying components, ranging from 15mm to 0.88mm thick, high quality design for manufacture is incredibly vital in ensuring that raw materials offer the necessary compressive, tensile and residual stress capability for bending.  

CNC Bending in Sheffield

First class CNC bending services provided across Sheffield

Taking advantage of the very best custom designed bending standards and tools, our professional and experienced team will achieve an extensive range of bends that go far beyond simple right-angled boxes. The CNC computer control we utilise guarantees consistent efficiency and accuracy on all components that can be individually turned around in mere seconds. 

With a truly experienced and dedicated inspection team, a six sigma improvement process and full MRPII part traceability, we work with Sheffield business owners through the yellow goods, plant, gaming machine, construction, refuse vehicles and railway industries. 

We have recently undertaken CNC bending projects for clients across Sheffield, so for a high quality and comprehensive sheet metal fabrication or CNC bending project, contact us today.

CNC Bending