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matal fabrication

First Class CNC Laser Cutting Across the UK

We provide UK clients with an unrivalled combination of specialist CNC systems and CAD software, allowing us to precision-cut sheet metal projects seamlessly while delivering outstanding levels of accuracy and efficiency.

The CNC machining team at our facility have the expertise and tools to bring precision workmanship to any laser cutting or punching project. Our multi-tooled rotation punch presses, lasers, and Trumpf flat bed lasers are among some of the most advanced technology available in the UK. We ensure competitive turnaround times for all projects without sacrificing accuracy!

Gathering completed CAD files from our experienced and highly skilled programming team, we tie together various cost-saving designs for manufacturing benefits, including waste reducing nested cutting plans and mistake proofing. Alongside this, we also often design the tools themselves for a fully custom made and bespoke capability when required.

CNC Laser Cutting Nottingham

Based out of our machine shop and workshop in Leicester, we provide clients from across the whole of the UK with the highest quality CNC punching and laser cutting solutions.

So contact us today to discuss your CNC laser cutting requirements with one of our experienced and knowledgeable team.